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How do I clean and maintain my device?

June 22, 2020

The following advice will help you to keep your phone looking good and performing well.

1) Use a soft dry cloth to clean your phone and charger. Don't use liquids such as alcohol, dilution agents or benzene;

2) From time-to-time, clean the socket where the charger cable connects to the phone. Dust tends to gather there. This will ensure a good connection;

3) Don't use needles, pen points or other sharp objects on the keypad or screen;

4) Don't use your phone with wet hands – it could injure you and damage the phone.

5) Don't use your phone in a dusty or dirty environment.

6) Keep your phone away from extremes of heat – like radiators or ovens. It may malfunction if it gets too hot.

7) If your phone gets wet, the warranty will be void.

8) If there's anything wrong with the phone, battery, charger, or any accessory, please contact our support for help.